The huge Autumn SEO PowerSuite sale is here!

For one week only you can get one of the 2,000 available SEO PowerSuite licenses at a crazy 63% discount! The sale will officially close on October, 1 (or earlier, if the 2,000 licenses run out).

The Professional Edition normally costs $399 but for the next 7 days, you can buy it for $149.

Why now? Because most of us are now back from vacations, recharged, already absorbed in our work… and ready for some positive change!

And this is exactly the right time to grind your teeth into SEO full force and get your site that #1 Google rank.

Grab SEO PowerSuite — at the best price you could ever get, and get started!

SEO PowerSuite has long proven leader in the whole SEO industry as a pack of the most reliable, time-saving and feature-rich tools. And now you can get this master toolkit ridiculously cheap — for less than 40% of its retail price.

Just one more little hint… The new, 5th tool (the long awaited Social Management app) is coming to light in less than 2 months. Those who have active SEO PowerSuite license will be able to get the new app on extremely favorable special conditions. So if you tried SEO PowerSuite but have been thinking — now you simply can’t afford missing the deal.

The doors shut on October 1st (or even earlier if the 2,000 licenses get sold out). So don’t miss your chance — choose your license and hit the Order button!

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If you’ve been on my list for a while or you’ve visited this website, then you know that in the past I’ve been a fan of Areeb Bajwa’s software for automating your search engine optimization efforts – SENukeX. It builds SEO backlinks to a variety of site types including Press Release Sites, Social Bookmarking and Social Networking Sites, Web 2.0 Sites, Article Directories, Forums, etc.

Well, SENukeX just became obsolete. In a few days I’ll stop using it and you’ll probably want to stop using it too.

To find out why, watch this video (it’s only 3 minutes long):

That feature mentioned in the above video where you can create a script to automate submissions to websites not already included in SENuke Xcr? you can watch another video here that demos that script writing feature.

Ok, to cut to the chase, Areeb is releasing the successor to SENukeX – SENuke Xcr – on September 19th at 5PM EST. As with previous launches, there’ll be opportunities to subscribe monthly to the too or to buy a lifetime license. I don’t know what the prices are at the minute but will update this post when that becomes clear.

The SENukeX monthly license fee was $147 and the lifetime license fee was $1297. Lifetime license fees are only offered when a new version is launched (every 12-18 months) and are on offer for only a few days.

If you want to get SENuke Xcr, then I recommend you buy the lifetime license as it’ll save you a ton of money in the long run (in hindsight, I wish I’d done this myself when I signed up for SENukeX).…

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One of the tools we used day in, day out was Web Traffic Genius. This link building software was a plugin for WordPress that created an RSS feed from each new post published on your site and added links to other articles you wanted to promote into to feed (you could set up a list of articles from which items were randomly to each post’s RSS feed).

Web Traffic Genius plugin was a fantastic plugin while it lasted. But something killed it off recently and that something was the Google Penguin update.

Following that Google algorithm change, the plugin’s developers ran a few checks and tests and discovered that the automated backlinks that were being created in those RSS feeds were actually of no value – they simply didn’t have any affect ion a site’s, or a page’s, pagerank any more.

So they decided they should call time on Web Traffic Genius and stop selling it. Support for the plugin will also only be offered until July 21s. If you happen to own and use Web Traffic Genius, it will continue to work for the time being, but will gradually break down as the RSS aggregators it connects to change and eventually the plugin will cease to be of any use. The developers also feel that Google could introduce an algorithm tweak in future that targets backlinks built via RSS feeds and that’s another reason to pull the plugin now.

As Web Traffic Genius was being retired to the plugin graveyard, Sean Donahoe over at the Internet Marketing Success Center released new automated link building software – another WordPress plugin.…

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Want to see a magic trick?

No problem! Just click here and find out how to get listed on Page 1 in Google in just hours, sometimes even minutes!

You see, Todd Gross, Prashant Sharma, and Shannon Murphy have been busy testing their Penguin-Proof FREE method for getting ranked, and are providing the exact case studies so you can see how effective it is to follow their blueprint.

Watch Todd’s video as he explains how the system works at that same link

Press Releases, when structured correctly, and sent to the right free services for distribution (and some paid ones too) can get you ranked so quickly, it is simply stunning!

Press Release Traffic Code 2 has smashed onto the scene just in time to kill the Penguin! PRTC2 teaches you how to work WITH Google, to give them what they want: breaking news about your site or business.

Whether you are trying to rank your website, your client’s business, or Amazon products with your affiliate link – this is your ticket to painless page-1 rankings…and for local businesses, you’ll be able to get your clients listed this way in a flash too. Imagine walking in, and offering to show them results by later that same day?

And check this out:

No, You Don’t Need a Domain Name No, You Don’t Need Any Hosting No, You Don’t Need a Premium WordPress Plugin No Coding Knowledge needed No Long tedious hours of building backlinks No SEO!


Go quickly as the price is heading up with every few sales!…

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Traffic is the single most important factor that determines if a website will be a success or failure. It trumps pretty site design and it even trumps content. Because without traffic, a website is just dead in the water.

There are many link building strategies to drive traffic, both free and paid, but the bottom line is that they all take time. There really isn’t a fully automated system. Web Traffic Genius comes pretty close as far as backlinks from RSS feeds are concerned, but there is a bit of a lengthy setup time for the plugin (read review here).

SENukeX automates submissions to Social Network, Social Bookmark sites and Article Directories, along with submissions to Forums, RSS Feeds, Web 2.0 sites and Press Release sites. But you have to prepare the content yourself. That’s where the bulk of your time will go. It’s an extremely powerful tool but it has a steep learning curve and it may take several weeks before you become familiar enough with its intricacies before you can use it to best effect.

Webfire is the new kid on the block. This link building company provides 20+ tools that allow you to analyze your sites to see what needs to be fixed to help them rank. It finds the top 100 sites in your niche where you can leave backlinks which will be of value (in blog comments or forums), both as high-PR backlinks but also in getting real visitors you your sites through those links.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get backlinks, this link building service might just be for you.…

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Bad News For Blog Networks

Yesterday, News was breaking everywhere about how Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google is “aggressively targeting Blog Networks” built for creating backlinks.

This culminated with the News from BuildMyRank, one of the more high level link building networks, that their entire Network of Blogs had been completely de-indexed by Google.

You can read the story here.

What this means is that any back links you currently have built through a blog link network of any kind might be in danger of being lost any day now.

All Google has to do is look through its own search index, find services, join them, and then snuff out the network using their own powerful search engine. It seems that the days of building back links through networks like this are about to be over and Google is out to crush the little guys like us again to make their big money advertisers happy.

One man, who was already on top of this and saw it coming is a guy you may already know. He is a famous SEO and Link Building Expert and is not just another “IM Guru”. His name is Duncan Carver and he is the author of the now very famous Link Building Dossier, which is one of the most highly touted Products on the web.

Link Building in 2012

Duncan decided months ago that he needed to create a Free Service where members could exchange links and content and then have the content syndicated across numerous sites without any “network footprint”.…

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If you are into SEO and promoting your websites, you probably want to check this out:

It’s called Perpetual Ranker. Now, here is the sweet part…

If you’ve ever wanted SENukeX or a tool similar to it, you should check out his bonus:

– Article Submitter (Free bonus)
– Site Submitter (Free bonus)
– RSS Submitteer (Free bonus)
– Article Spinner (Free bonus)
– And a ton more (you can see it below)

The cost? 7 to 9 bucks dimesale. Wow.

Free tools. His method. For Cheap!


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2-day Sale: This special offer is for Mark Dulisse’s Google Video Sitemap (the full version) WordPress Plugin. It is a product that’s been developed and enhanced over the last two and a half years, so it’s not some flash-in-the-pan product.

It will generate a .xml video sitemap and a .rss video feed at the same time, so you can add the RSS feed to Yahoo’s mRSS and feeds and Google’s Webmasters Tools (or anywhere else that accepts RSS feeds). In fact, with the click of a button, it will submit the video sitemap to over 35 RSS directories.

The videos it uses to build sitemaps are videos you will have created and are either self-hosted on your own website or on AmazonS3 servers. It will not add embedded videos into the sitemap.

There’s a lot more info on the plugin and testimonial here.

The Google Video Sitemap costs $97 per year if you buy it from the main sales page at

However, using the link below, you can get the plugin for a fraction of the price (currently $27.68, though the price rises bu $0.01 each sale). And it’s a one-time fee, not an annual fee.

Given the value of this offer, it’s only available for 2 days.

So grab your copy of Google Video Sitemap now
efore this offer is closed
. …

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Today is Black Friday in the USA and there’s a certain amount of craziness associated with it both online and offline.

There are a lot of Black Friday deals and offers shooting across the internet today and here’s one we think is worth your consideration. It ends tonight at 12:00 PM EST (as most Black Friday offers do).

There is a new Article Creation Service / Resource from which you can create articles in as little as 10 to 15 minutes from over 5,000 Article Templates in some of the most popular niches online.

You can do this yourself, or you can choose to have articles written for you for $1 to $5 each which are 100% unique (as verified by Copyscape) built from the same templates that you want your content written from.

This service is from Jon Leger and is called Jiffy Articles and while I think the name stinks, the kind of articles you can get from it are first rate.

Since Jon also has created tools like The Best Spinner and the new ArticleBuilder (now closed to members), you can only imagine how many features this new tool has.

Here is where the Limited Time Offer comes in. Jon currently has Jiffy Articles listed at $77 per year and he is also offering a split payment of $27 per quarter (which comes out to $108 per year). Tonight at 12:00 PM EST, he is increasing the Price to $127 per year.

That is a $50 increase.

This means you have a very limited window of opportunity to get this service for creating an unlimited amount of 100% unique articles for your blogs, websites (e.g.…

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