First things first: Andrew Hansen’s “Rankings Institute” SEO Course is closing to new members tonight at 11pm EST (that’s Sept. 19th – today).

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll have seen the previous posts I published with video case studies of his students’ success following the first version of the course released back in January.

That was followed by a webinar (a replay is available here) where more case studies were presented on how and why various students promoted and marketed their sites and the results they saw. If you missed, check out the previous few posts.

The SEO course takes place over 8 weeks, starting on Monday, September 22nd. Each week, members will have access to a new module that teaches aspects of affiliate marketing and the SEO (on-site and off) that’s needed to get sites to rank highly.

It’s done this way so as not to overload students with too much information all at once. Slow and steady wins the race here.

Rankings Institute Price

This course is expensive at $997. There is also a payment scheme to pay down the cost over 4 months ($297 per month) for the more cash strapped.

However, there is a third payment option that’s not advertised. If you’re interested in taking the course but just can’t afford the up-front fee, there is a $97/mth payment plan (paid over 13 months).

To get to this option, click this link.

…then click the Back button on your browser and then click the “Stay on Page” button on the popup window that will appear.

You still get full access to everything on the course and the 30 day money-back guarantee.

Module 1 of the course is already online for members. You can think of this as an orientation module that sets you up for the rest of the course and then everything else kicks off on the 22nd.

Final Word From Andrew Hansen

We can’t just run this course permanently on repeat.

This is the second opening, and there are no plans for another one. If it does happen in 2015 it won’t be until September at the earliest. Why?
A random sidenote to this email but: My wife’s pregnant at the moment, due early in the year!
People say I’m going to have my hands full :) I can’t imagine having the time to arrange another product launch!
If you’re ready and willing, we want to work with you. We want to be a part of your success story.

Our Final Note

Andrew and his business partner, Alex Miller, guarantee students that they’ll get to $1,000 per month with their sites, and will help them achieve that even if they hit problems along the way. Both Andrew and Alex are available via personal email, through the forum, via comments on course materials and in the Facebook Group. They commit a lot of time to helping their students.
In case you’re wondering if wesigned up for the course ourselves, yes we did, back in January. We’ve also signed up for this new version of the course as new materials and strategies are available that weren’t around in the original course.

Here are some of the previous posts and case studies:

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Last Week’s Webinar Replay

Well, we’re finally back online after my previous webhost, Heroehost, seemed to have turned off the lights and left the building after some hardware failures and this site has been down for the best part of 4 weeks. No support emails have been answered by Heroehost since October 5th and we had to raise disputes through PayPal for non-provision of a service that was paid for.

PayPal found in our favor and refunded the hosting subscription fees.

After looking around for a reputable webhost, rather than going for another cheap (in every sense), fly-by-night, webhosting reseller, we settled on ServInt. These guys have been around for years, have a solid business and provide fantastic support. They do daily backups of sites (which Heroehost didn’t) and the VPS plan we’re on actually works out cheaper than an equivalent VPS account at Hostgator.

You can read about the Heroehost debacle on our sister site.

Ok, so this isn’t an internet marketing deal, but we all need calendars, right? Whether it’s of fluffy kittens to adorn our wall or nature calendars for friends or family come Christmas…

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Do you want to hear about the latest offers, discounts and deals on WordPress plugins and other stuff specifically for internet and affiliate marketing?

That’s what this site is all about. What you’ll find here are:

  • Notices of special offers and deals on anything to do with affiliate marketing
  • There’ll probably be more than one post on the blog per day
  • Only the best deals and offers I can find will be listed (90% won’t even make it to this site)

In short, the Internet Marketing Deals blog is purely about providing you with notification of the best products and services that will help your affiliate marketing efforts or enable you to make some money online.

There are several ways to access the information provided on this site:

  1. By visiting the blog directly
  2. By subscribing to the RSS feed
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Finally, if you have any suggestions for the site or the types of offers it lists, please let me know via the Contact page.