Here’s a fantastic Labor Day Special.

The Pingback Optimizer WordPress Plugin normally costs $97 (if you buy direct from Clickbank) – you can check here.

But until Monday, 11AM EST (Sept. 5, 2011), you can save $70 on that price and get the plugin to use on unlimited domains, for just $27.

Update: Sept. 6, 2011: The price special offer price on Pingback Optimizer has risen to $47 (the Labor Day special offer is closed) but that’s still a saving of $50 on the retail price for the plugin.

In principle Pingback Optimizer does the same thing as Paul Forcey’s Indexing Tool plugin – that is, it reads the list of pingbacks that your blog receives and then it tells the search engines about those links. The search engines can then go visit the page on which those links reside, index them and find the backlinks to your site. Add that to your link popularity and link reputation and, hey presto! you have just enhanced your search engine positioning.

When a blog out there receives an article you’ve submitted manually or via services like Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Automation, SEO LinkVine or similar article submission services, that blog will (sometimes, not always) then try to notify your blog that it has received your article. This is called a pingback.

Your site receives this pingback and, optionally, will display the details as a comment on your blog.

The Pingback Optimizer plugin will also receive this pingback, and then it gets to work.

Each pingback received by Pingback Optimizer gets added to an RSS feed. Pingback Optimizer then ‘pings’ – that is contacts – ten RSS aggregators to tell them about the new page that has just been published. These aggregators are always looking for new content, so they then go and read your RSS feed, get the links to the sites that have the links back to you, visit them, and then publish those pages through their syndication network.

Which results in more exposure for your article, and more links back to your site.

Another great way to get free backlinks with no effort!

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