One of the tools we used day in, day out was Web Traffic Genius. This link building software was a plugin for WordPress that created an RSS feed from each new post published on your site and added links to other articles you wanted to promote into to feed (you could set up a list of articles from which items were randomly to each post’s RSS feed).

Web Traffic Genius plugin was a fantastic plugin while it lasted. But something killed it off recently and that something was the Google Penguin update.

Loki Link Builder PluginFollowing that Google algorithm change, the plugin’s developers ran a few checks and tests and discovered that the automated backlinks that were being created in those RSS feeds were actually of no value – they simply didn’t have any affect ion a site’s, or a page’s, pagerank any more.

So they decided they should call time on Web Traffic Genius and stop selling it. Support for the plugin will also only be offered until July 21s. If you happen to own and use Web Traffic Genius, it will continue to work for the time being, but will gradually break down as the RSS aggregators it connects to change and eventually the plugin will cease to be of any use. The developers also feel that Google could introduce an algorithm tweak in future that targets backlinks built via RSS feeds and that’s another reason to pull the plugin now.

As Web Traffic Genius was being retired to the plugin graveyard, Sean Donahoe over at the Internet Marketing Success Center released new automated link building software – another WordPress plugin. This didn’t have a big product launch considering how useful the plugin is in building SEO backlinks.

The new plugin, called Loki Link Builder, builds that creates automatic SEO backlinks using link pyramids, all on autopilot once it’s set up. And setup is actually simpler and easier than it was for Web Traffic Genius.

Loki Link Builder is now our recommended auto link building plugin – and we’re now actively adding it to all our blogs. It’s only only just $47.

Go read this Loki Link Builder review now and learn more about what this this plugin can do for you and your your blogs and the time it can save you, especially in a post-Penguin world


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