Bad News For Blog Networks

Yesterday, News was breaking everywhere about how Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google is “aggressively targeting Blog Networks” built for creating backlinks.

This culminated with the News from BuildMyRank, one of the more high level link building networks, that their entire Network of Blogs had been completely de-indexed by Google.

You can read the story here.

What this means is that any back links you currently have built through a blog link network of any kind might be in danger of being lost any day now.

All Google has to do is look through its own search index, find services, join them, and then snuff out the network using their own powerful search engine. It seems that the days of building back links through networks like this are about to be over and Google is out to crush the little guys like us again to make their big money advertisers happy.

One man, who was already on top of this and saw it coming is a guy you may already know. He is a famous SEO and Link Building Expert and is not just another “IM Guru”. His name is Duncan Carver and he is the author of the now very famous Link Building Dossier, which is one of the most highly touted Products on the web.

Link Building in 2012

Duncan decided months ago that he needed to create a Free Service where members could exchange links and content and then have the content syndicated across numerous sites without any “network footprint”. A true random, user-centric marketplace which would allow users to both produce and distribute content, syndicate it for maximum exposure, and build high quality niche targeted backlinks at the same time.

This service allows members to request content articles from other members. Members then produce the content required by other members and place a backlink in the article they produce.

The article is not duplicated, but is then either added to the requestors site automatically (so others are not copying it) or it is syndicated across multiple blogs which want to accept the content. It is a multifaceted system which has been built to be safe for members from the prying eyes of Google and cannot be considered a “Blog Network” due to its purely random actions by members.

There is a lot more to it than that and Duncan is still going to be rolling out new features over the next few months. Right now however, the network is already on pace to have over 10,000 members by the end of this month.

Members are already getting content requests filled in just a matter of days. Some requests are being filled in just a few hours. There are both Free Trades and Credit Based Content distribution in the network.

Right now, when you signup to be a member of this unique and one-of-a-kind groundbreaking content and link building network, you also can get a Free Boost in getting your content and link building going…

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One other thing which might interest you is, you can actually make money in the network by producing content that others want. There is so much going on in there right now that we won’t even pretend to know it all. What we do know is the writing is on the wall for Blog Networks. Google is making huge moves here and you need to take aggressive action in protecting your site’s ranking.

If all your links are on a high profile blog link network right now like Build My Rank, then you need to take active steps to build more links to safely keep the current rankings you have.

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