Jim Cockrum's CES Conference

Jim Cockrum is the guy who created the Proven Amazon Course (PAC), which teaches people how to make a living by selling products on Amazon. At $299 it’s about one tenth the price of the Amazing Selling Machine course that pops up every few months and has the same information, if not more.

Jim’s been teaching courses online for years and PAC first appeared back in 2011 and has been upgraded continuously since then.

He also runs the CES internet marketing conference with CES IV coming up in September 2016. Tickets for each of the events have sold out within 24 hours.

Videos of all the talks from CES I, II & II are available for a 90% discount ($39 instead of the regular $397) until January 21st.

If you’d like world-class instruction on how to use the Internet as a creative business-building tool, then these videos are for you. Snippets from the conferences can be seen on this page:

Click Here To Check Out The CES I, II & III Videos…

CES 2015

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