CES IV 2016 Internet Marketing Conference Videos


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Import Direct From China and Many Other Countries eBook

If you sell on Amazon, this could make all the difference to give you an advantage in the coming year.

Newly updated and fully ready for 2017, Import Direct From China and Many Other Countries is now on sale for only $17. It’s sold thousands at $97, but is available for a short time at 82% off for a few days only.

Take your time, check it out and if at any point you decide this isn’t for you, you will get a refund. You simply won’t find a more authoritative and “keep it simple” guide to successfully importing profitable products!

The recently revised and expanded ebook includes information about…

Sourcing direct with real manufacturers When to avoid Alibaba and how to use it correctly on rare occasions How to leverage other people’s expertise How Walter turned a $3,000 shipment into $21,000 How to start small and still get volume discounts Avoiding drop-shippers and wholesalers Minimizing your risks Avoiding haggling and still get the best price And much, MUCH more…

This is without question the definitive guide to importing – brought to you by two of the most trusted names in online business: Jim Cockrum and Walter Hay.

Grab it at 82% off
Sale ends Monday, Nov. 7, 2016 at 10pm Eastern (New York time)

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Social Media Marketing

SocialAdr is offering 50% bonus credits for the next 3 days in one of their flash sales.

What is SocialAdr?

It’s a web-based service for distributing social bookmarks so it can be used to promote any type of website, not just WordPress sites. It’s another way to get the word out about what you have to offer. (There’s a review of it here)

It works on a credit based system. You can earn credits as a free member which allow you to advertise your links. Or you can become a paying member and get a fixed number of credits per month.

You can also buy additional credit packages to top up your account. It is in these credit packages that you get the extra 50% of credits.

You do need to be a member of SocialAdr to buy these credits. the sale ends at midnight November 3rd.

Sign up using our affiliate link, simply contact us via the contact page and we’ll send you the hidden link to get these extra credits. …

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iiStores - Push-Button eCom

eCommerce is all the rage at the moment. But getting a Shopify store set up isn’t as easy as you’ve been led to believe. And then you have to spend money buying Facebook ads to drive traffic. And pay Shopify $30 each month too.

That’s not to say that the Shopify eCom model isn’t good and doesn’t work like gangbusters. But it’s a bit technical and complicated to get set up.

I just bought iiStores because it’s a simply way of setting up an eCom store that earns passive income. I love passive income, hands-free income.

iiStores pull product listings from Amazon, eBay and AliExpress after you do your 2-5 minute niche research.

It’s actually a WordPress plugin so will work on millions of sites. It can auto-post content too (there’s that hands-free element).

Traffic, or the lack of it is where most people fall down. iiStores has inbuilt methods for driving traffic to your site so you don’t have to do all that SEO stuff with backlinking and social signals, though I’m sure doing that will bring some rewards.

If you’re looking for a push-button solution to making money online, this is probably as close as you’ll get!

Hey, if you buy iiStores through any link on this page, I’ll give Platinum Membership to Niche Site Profits as a bonus. This is currently worth $14.95 per month, but will be worth more as new content is added to it and the subscription fee (which you won’t have to pay) will increase in line (you can take a look at Niche Site Institute here).…

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List Building In A Box Bonuses

Here’s a list building course for anyone who’s wondered about how to go about building and email list and not known how to. A list is where the real money is, not in making commissions of affiliate sales from a website.

The course is very affordable at $9.97 (though the price is going up in a few hours) and if you happen to buy through my link, you’ll get all the bonuses listed on my bonus page. What’s more, all but one of the bonuses come with Master resale Rights or Resale Rights which allow you to sell these products yourself and keep all the profits.

If you’re not sure if list building for you or not, download the free report opposite and it’ll help you decide. …

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The eBay To Amazon Arbitrage Guide

The team over at Proven Amazon Course have a new guide out for finding hot items on eBay to resell on Amazon, called appropriately enough “The eBay To Amazon Arbitrage Guide“.

If you’re not familiar with the Proven Amazon Course, it teaches students how to build a business sourcing and selling physical products through Amazon.

This new guide looks at just how good a source for items to sell on Amazon that eBay provides…

Why you MUST use eBay as a source of inventory How to search for and find the BEST stock on eBay What categories and products are the MOST lucrative How to source locally and save a BUNDLE on shipping How to find amazingly PROFITABLE products for resale that most people would never think of How to buy the BEST stock again and again from eBay sellers How to build relationships with ebay sellers and sell their products for them for a percentage of the profits! If you have a sourcing team, give them this book and tell them to do what it says.

The guide is currently available at a 75% discount for $9.99.

The sale ends on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 10 PM (EST).

There’s only one day left to get the guide at the discount price.

Click Here To Secure Your Copy of The Guide Before The Price Increases!


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Hostnine St. Patrick's Day Sale

If you’ve read a few posts here, you’ll know that we recommend Hostnine as a webhost. We use them ourselves for all our sites now. Why? Because customer support is fantastic, their webservers are well specified, their hosting plans are generally cheaper than Hostgator’s (depends on the hosting plan).

We use their reseller packages which allows you to put one site on one cPanel. That offers protection from cross-site hacking which can happen on a Shared hosting account because several sites are on the same cPanel. And you can spread your sites over 55 IP addresses at no extra cost. Everyone knows that using multiple IP addresses is a good thing to do, right?

To celebrate St. Patrick’s day (faith and begorrah!), Hostnine are running a 57% Off sale. Take advantage of it!

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Special Offer

Would you like to be able to work from home with only an internet connection & consistently source profitable inventory for Amazon and eBay?…

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In a previous post I mentioned Chris Record’s Smart Member 2.0 launch. After buying Smart Member 2.0, I spent a couple of days putting this demo site together about Star Trek of all things, to learn how to use the software and showcase a working example. Click the image to visit the demo site:

It’s a Membership Site

Some things you should see when you visit the site is that only the “Welcome…” item is available for public access; all the videos require you to sign up before you can watch them.

If you want to use the Smart Member 2.0 system to create your own course, you can create different Access Levels and set prices and subscription fees for your site.

Adding content is simple – just cut and paste into the boxes on the edit screens. Layout, registration, login and standard pages (like Privacy Policy, etc) are created for you automatically.

It Builds Your Mailing List

The site is set up as a free access site (no fee to join), but visitors must register before they can watch the videos. This is how Smart Member 2.0 helps you build your mailing lists. It includes its own autoresponder, so you can mail your leads/members whenever you want without haviing to use an external autopresponder service like Aweber or GetResponse.

List Your Site In The Smart Member Directory

You can also have your site listed in the Smart Member Directory which is promoted in its own right which provides an additional traffic source to direct traffic to your specific membership site.…

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CES 2015

Jim Cockrum is the guy who created the Proven Amazon Course (PAC), which teaches people how to make a living by selling products on Amazon. At $299 it’s about one tenth the price of the Amazing Selling Machine course that pops up every few months and has the same information, if not more.

Jim’s been teaching courses online for years and PAC first appeared back in 2011 and has been upgraded continuously since then.

He also runs the CES internet marketing conference with CES IV coming up in September 2016. Tickets for each of the events have sold out within 24 hours.

Videos of all the talks from CES I, II & II are available for a 90% discount ($39 instead of the regular $397) until January 21st.

If you’d like world-class instruction on how to use the Internet as a creative business-building tool, then these videos are for you. Snippets from the conferences can be seen on this page:

Click Here To Check Out The CES I, II & III Videos…

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